Monday, 20 May 2013

PR2700: The Techno-Moon

Luna's deadly secret - and Perry Rhodan launches himself into space again

Since humanity has set out into space, it has experienced an exciting, eventful history: for millennia the Terrans - as members of the united humanity call themselves - have not only probed their own galaxy, they have long since advanced into distant islands of stars. Again and again Perry Rhodan and his companions always encounter spacefaring civilizations - and track cosmic forces that influence events in the universe. In 1514 New Galactic Era, equivalent to the beginning of the sixth millennium of the old era, the Earth belongs to the League of Free Terrans. In thousands of solar systems, humans settle their worlds and have come together to form this star state. And yet it is the moon, the closest celestial body, that has become alien to the Terrans. For several years it has been wrapped in a repulsion field, its surface is strangely disfigured. Whoever wants to get through to it, risks his life. Perry Rhodan knows this: The Moon is a threat to the Earth, and he must act. His goal is THE TECHNO-MOON ...

The main characters of the novel
Perry Rodan  - The Terran is getting ready for a journey that evokes memories in him.
Cai Cheung - The Premier Solar is worried.
Colonel Anna Patoman - The spaceship commander defends Terran values.
Viccor Bughassidow - The legendary billionaire searches in the dark after discoverer fame.
Tamaron Vetris-Molaud - The Tefroder challenges the galaxy.

To be continued ...

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