Sunday, 12 May 2013

PR2603: The Unstable World

Heatha Nero Verde leads the death wrestler Awkurow through the CHISHOLM, to bring him closer to the mentality of the Galactics. As Awkurow learns that Lor-Eli Alucc is dying due to the Para fibrillation, he sees an opportunity on how to improve the still uncertain relationships between Galactics and death wrestlers. Although he was cast out from his people because of his past behavior and has to expect death upon a return, he takes Heatha Nero Verde and Sinaid Velderbilt with him into the underworld of Orontes. Although he is cruelly punished, ultimately the death wrestler sees that his plan is justified. The consent to bring the autistic death wrestler, Retepko onto the CHISHOLM, whose paragift enables the damping of hyper-energetic influences. In this way Retepko shields Lor-Eli from the para-flicker, so that Pic Lershimon can heal her.

Perry Rhodan informs the beleaguered BASIS Corvettes, SENCO AHRAT and HARL DEPHIN of his help with MIKRU-JON, but realizes quickly that even the superior means of his ship is not sufficient to hewn out the companions. Both Corvettes are badly damaged, the HARL DEPHIN can barely maneuver on her own. More than 700 units of two races from the Chanda matter bridge have surrounded the corvettes. On the one hand, the Quolnäer Keretzen stand with their winged-spacers, on the other, tulipships of plant beings who call themselves Sabyren. Both groups engage to even against each other, but go together especially against the Galactics. Despite all the efforts, the Corvette is about to be destroyed. The attackers are merciless and do not respond to radio calls. Rhodan can not do anything - he only has the choice to either save his own life or to die along with his companions.

Through an exploratory jump into a unit of Quolnäer Keretzen, Gucky learns that these beings, whose faces are dominated by an oversized, curved downward tusks, while only about a meter tall are extremely aggressive and dangerous. The aggression of individuals and groups swings time and again similar to the halutian compulsion so that they can no longer be stopped. There is no command structure, but a kind of swarm instinct that guides larger groups. Every single character has a higher level of consciousness or a kind of psi-organ: the Tantoram. Through the Tantoram all beings are somehow connected with each other and with their ships. The Tantoram can gain the upper hand and allow Quolnäer Keretzen to fend off paragifts. Also, it is possible for them to emit a pulse of death, which the Galactics call a lightning wave. These commit suicide and Quolnäer Keretzen tear all living beings in the close vicinity into downfall. As MIKRU-JON gets caught up in the edge region of a lightning surge, the state of Ramoz changes again in a worrying manner, because he intecepts the death impulse.

At the last second, the two 300-meter battle cruiser, MISSISSIPPI and TUBLIR materialize. With their heavy armament and the surprise on their side they shoot the three other ships an escape corridor. All five units flee to a nearby solar corona. There, the corvettes are repaired so that finally a common breakthrough attempt can be started. The area surrounding the sun, however, was mined. The MISSISSIPPI remains to give air to the other ships, but it is severely damaged. Perry Rhodan attempts to help, but has to flee when the Quolnäer Keretzen trigger another flash wave. Rhodan, who has joined as a mental pilot with MIKRU-JON, directs the energy from a "lightning conductor": Ramoz or the cocoon from which he is surrounded, catches the pulse of death. Thereupon the small cat-being being transforms into a man-sized humanoid. He asks Mondra whether she likes his current form, and announces that it was nice to be back home ...

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