Sunday, 12 May 2013

PR2600: The Thanatos-Program

Six years after the end of the war against the Frequency Monarchy: Recent years have been peaceful. The Commercial Star JERGALL - a gift from the superintelligences ES and TALIN - was stationed at the Aurora system and serves as a connection to the other galaxies in the Polyport network. In the galaxy Andromeda the were discussing the idea of ​​a Galaktikum, while the number of hyper-storms rises sharply in the Milky Way. On earth have so far unknown creatures emerged, referred to by some people as forecasters.

5 September 1469 NGE: Perry Rhodan - now no longer Terran Resident, but the Special Representative of the Galaktikum Polyport domain - holds a press conference at the residence for the conversion of solar BASE and its speedy journey into the galaxy Anthuresta. During the conference failures of technology occur, the residence threatening to crash, but it can be prevented. It later turns out that there are such incidents throughout the Sol system - the origin remains unclear.

At the same time it comes down to the BASIS mysterious deaths. All affected by the so-called sacrificial aureolus effect call shortly before their death for Perry Rhodan. Moreover, it is said that his son would wait on the ship. On board the MIKRU-JON Rhodan makes with the mouse beaver Gucky on the way to the BASIS, where they can bring in find that near all the victims strangeness effects have occurred. The manifestation of these effects suggests that another universe attempts to penetrate. A little later becomes known that the entire Sol system has disappeared without trace.

Shortly afterwards, a stranger on the BASIS, who introduces himself as Ennerhahl appears. Perry Rhodan he warns of an impending attack by the Dosanthi who follow a plan to steal the ship and bring to an ominous shipyard. He also makes it to a previously unfamiliar room - the multiverse eyepiece - aware of the ship, where Perry Rhodan initially meets his son Delorian Rhodan, to then will find the suit of universes. The warning Delorians remains enigmatic: "QIN SHI is awakened. The BOTNET is ready. "They, however, learn that QIN SHI is also responsible for the disappearance of the Sol system. Under no circumstances must the BASIS be taken possession of, as  Delorian required the ship himself. He has therefore triggered the Thanatos program. Its purpose remains as enigmatic.

Ennerhahl has the additional information that QIN SHI should obtain the eyepiece and the suit under no circumstances, so he advises to abandon ship and an evacuation. However, although the ship would fall into the hands of the enemy, the suit however, would not. Before his disappearance Ennerhahl even passes his counterpart Perry Rhodan  a data crystal.

After Ennerhahl's  disappearance the BASIS materializes in the matter bridge between two galaxies, which Perry Rhodan for the time being calls Chanda Chanda I and IIs. A battle ensues with the Dosanthi, which use a special paragift delivery, that produces total panic, which the crew of the BASIS can resist with difficulty. The BASIS is evacuated. Perry Rhodan flees along with Mondra, Gucky and Nemo Partijan aboard the MIKRU-JON. An increasing number of enemy ships appear and attack not only the BASIS, but also the fleeing tenders.

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