Monday, 20 May 2013

PR2700: The Techno-Moon

Luna's deadly secret - and Perry Rhodan launches himself into space again

Since humanity has set out into space, it has experienced an exciting, eventful history: for millennia the Terrans - as members of the united humanity call themselves - have not only probed their own galaxy, they have long since advanced into distant islands of stars. Again and again Perry Rhodan and his companions always encounter spacefaring civilizations - and track cosmic forces that influence events in the universe. In 1514 New Galactic Era, equivalent to the beginning of the sixth millennium of the old era, the Earth belongs to the League of Free Terrans. In thousands of solar systems, humans settle their worlds and have come together to form this star state. And yet it is the moon, the closest celestial body, that has become alien to the Terrans. For several years it has been wrapped in a repulsion field, its surface is strangely disfigured. Whoever wants to get through to it, risks his life. Perry Rhodan knows this: The Moon is a threat to the Earth, and he must act. His goal is THE TECHNO-MOON ...

Monday, 13 May 2013

PR2605: The Planet Bridge

The EX-33 BOMBAY venturing out into the 143 light-years through space bubble of the anomaly measured in the Sol system has been added. Their destination is only 17 light years away from Sol, Next-Stop system. The flight due to the raging in the space bubble hyper-physical interference is associated with great difficulties. The deputy commander Jenke Schousboe, a Irmdomerin, loses two of the four Scarab tenders dispatched to explore, but at least it is established that the space itself somehow appears to "thicken" when too much energy gradient is produced.

PR2604: The Hour of the Augurs

On 5 September 1469 NGE  the stars in the sky Terranias are extinguished. The entire Sol system was wrapped in an energy field and presumably moved to another location. Unexplained mainframe power failures, NATHAN, and LAOTSE unresponsive and only have to reconfigure. All transmitter connections to other systems break down, and  the transfer chimneys Polyport station Galileo are extinguished. But these are not the only bad news with which the first Terran Henrike Ybarri and the Terran resident Reginald Bull must deal. The displacement of the sol system was connected with space quakes, attacks that lead to fatigue in humans. Many people also suffer from a temporary memory loss and cognitive problems. In a completely unpredictable manner matter dissolves into nothingness - the so-called Nirvana phenomenon. In addition, effects that are known as gravofission and gravoerratic. These are localized gravity variations, sometimes hanging items as though frozen in mid-air. Rock debris from the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud start raining down on the planet. Not all debris can be trapped in time by the spaceships of the LFT-fleet, and so there is to heavy destructions in Terrania City.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

PR2603: The Unstable World

Heatha Nero Verde leads the death wrestler Awkurow through the CHISHOLM, to bring him closer to the mentality of the Galactics. As Awkurow learns that Lor-Eli Alucc is dying due to the Para fibrillation, he sees an opportunity on how to improve the still uncertain relationships between Galactics and death wrestlers. Although he was cast out from his people because of his past behavior and has to expect death upon a return, he takes Heatha Nero Verde and Sinaid Velderbilt with him into the underworld of Orontes. Although he is cruelly punished, ultimately the death wrestler sees that his plan is justified. The consent to bring the autistic death wrestler, Retepko onto the CHISHOLM, whose paragift enables the damping of hyper-energetic influences. In this way Retepko shields Lor-Eli from the para-flicker, so that Pic Lershimon can heal her.

PR2602: The Deathwrestlers of Orontes

Perry Rhodan and Nemo Partijan launch with MIKRU-JON to explore the area around the Orontes planet, because probes can not penetrate the atmosphere raging in the hyper-physical chaos. The mousebeaver Gucky with Sinaid Velderbilt and Rynol Cog-Laar go into the underground of Orontes in search of further possible threats to MIKRU-JON and the in need of repair CHISHOLM on the surface. Furthermore Gucky has problems to use his skills as normal, probably because of paraflickers. Radio communications is disrupted by the surrounding rock - the deeper the group go, the stronger the disruption to radio communication which eventually become completely stuck.

PR2601: Galaxy in Turmoil

The BASIS was conquered by the Dosanthi and the crew is on the run, being chased by the ships of the conquerors. The converted for peaceful trade BASIS, can barely resist the massive attack. Additionally the attackers have a special paragift, through which total panic is generated, which the crew can resist with difficulty. Perry Rhodan flees along with Mondra, Gucky, Nemo Partijan and Ramoz aboard the MIKRU-JON.

PR2600: The Thanatos-Program

Six years after the end of the war against the Frequency Monarchy: Recent years have been peaceful. The Commercial Star JERGALL - a gift from the superintelligences ES and TALIN - was stationed at the Aurora system and serves as a connection to the other galaxies in the Polyport network. In the galaxy Andromeda the were discussing the idea of ​​a Galaktikum, while the number of hyper-storms rises sharply in the Milky Way. On earth have so far unknown creatures emerged, referred to by some people as forecasters.